Stop and Stargaze

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Every fall about this time I take the kids somewhere outside and take their pictures; I’ve done this for almost fifteen years. It all started because I wasn’t thrilled with school photos and I had this great tree in the yard that I was sure would be a better backdrop than that ugly blue screen in the school cafeteria! It was perfect and soon turned into a little tradition I love and treasure. As the kids got older my daughter fell in love with photography and she too looked forward to participating in these mini photo sessions. Now almost twenty years old she has easily become my personal photographer; she loves our photo adventures and does a great job.

Saturday was a perfect day to be outside so we got everyone together and went to a favorite spot on the farm for pictures. One of the most important pictures I wanted was of Ethan and I in the back of the pickup watching the sunset; I cannot tell you how many times we spontaneously jump in the truck, drive up the road to the top of the hill to sky watch. We see some of the most beautiful sunsets and amazing storms roll in. Having this picture is a special way to forever remember these moments. The older I get the more I’ve come to realize how important it is to “stop and smell the roses”, or stop and watch the sunset or even taking a few minutes to star gaze. So….. What are you doing to make sure you get away from social media, television, and everyday technology that consumes us?


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