Front Porch Blessings

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picsart_11-02-09-39-16When I was a kid in school I sought out every art class there was, at one point in high school being told that I had taken as many as they would allow. From extracurricular art classes and books from drawing to charcoals, I fell in love with drawing and painting; creating everything from my own private sketch books to wall murals, and logos for friends and family. As an adult I continue to paint and draw, finding it almost theraputic. I’m happy to sit at a table, or often times in my own comfy bed, painting a project while I watch a movie and drink my coffee.  Many times people tell me that I should do this as a job; that would take the fun out of it, so I thought.

My daughter and I went to one of the local festivals and I found myself wanting to take home every wooden sign I came across! I wanted to buy them all! She finally looked at me and said, “stop trying to buy things that you can make at home”…. She was was right, so I went home and made some signs of my own.

Just a month or two ago I came up with this hairbrain idea to start making a few signs and selling them to whoever would buy them; my goal being a sign or two a month or something. In the midst of this hobby of mine I was presented with an opportunity to set up shop inside of a local yet historic shopping distric in St. Charles. It’s just a small corner inside a local store but it was enough to create instant anxiety and stressful over thinking!! With a loving push and overwhelming support and encouragement from Ethan I accepted the challenge of creating a small business making wooden signs and such. Now I just needed a name! Regularly I come home to find scraps of wood and old windows on our front porch, things that Ethan has gathered and brought home for me to use for different projects; I am so blessed…. And THAT is how Front Porch Blessings was created!


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