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received_339239353125513Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, especially when you have the people you love around you. We’ve accumulated a lot of decorations through the years and at this point we just put out our favorite things. Living in a small farmhouse we don’t have a grand livingroom for a huge tree, instead we chose a small rustic tree that fits perfectly. I use left over ribbon and ornaments to decorate gifts and containers to make things pretty. Brown craft paper is really inexpensive and can be decorated a million different ways; this year I found the plaid paper I so desperately wanted for only .75 cents a roll!!! Whooo hoooo! For gift tags I looked through my scrapbooking stuff and found a punch to make them handmade out of cardstock and just wrote the kids names on them. The anticipation of seeing gifts under the tree for weeks makes things a little more exciting, also, hearing the kids guessing what they got gives me ideas. All in all it’s about filling the house with the spirit of Christmas and surrounding yourself with cheerful, uplifiting things that ultimately bring back that Christmas warmth in your heart every year.


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