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Changing weather

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With the changing weather I think it’s safe to say we’re all outside a whole lot more these days! We spent the afternoon in Hermann MO exploring Hermann Farm. We stopped for homemade bread and fresh artisan cheese; then found a quaint little pizza place to have lunch, and yes, a glass of wine. 😀Such a perfect day looking back on past farm families.


The decision to blog

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So many insignificant things happen in our lives and we don’t take the time to recognize them ; while they may seem small at the time, all of these tiny things add up and ultimately create our lives. I’m taking more time recognizing all of these moments, compiling them into a blog, writing, sharing, and documenting everything! Also, I like to add that I’m terribly forgetful and blogging about life will help me record all of my special memories; hopefully encouraging friends, family and followers to do the same!